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Creative Ideas for Fragrance Storage

Creative Ideas for Fragrance Storage

Expanding your collection of fragrances is always exciting. There’s something indulgent about choosing a scent for anyoccasion- a first date, an overseas holiday, a beach trip– even something as mundane as running down to the shops. Whatever the excuse, perfume has the unique ability to change the way you feel you present yourself to the world through scent- one of the most empowering gifts you can give yourself. And, if you don’t buy fragrance for yourself, chances are, someone’s bought it for you.


Ultimately, those of us that enjoy fragrance enjoy showing it off. However, showing it off shouldn’t start and end with wearing it invisibly on your skin. Fragrance bottles are as appealing to the eye as their scent is to the nose, and storing them creatively wherever you please is an easy and novel way of instilling a little luxury into your house/apartment/barn/broom cupboard. Also, it’s FUN.

Here at Perfume Clearance Centre, we are firm believers in this old adage: you shouldn’t have to throw the bottle away just because it’s empty (we made this up, but it’s true all the same). Did you know that the glass Chanel uses for their fragrance bottles is supplied by the same company who supplies glass for NASA? Throwing bottles like that away would just be RUDE.

Here are a few of our favourite fragrance storage ideas- all of which we’ve found on Pinterest. Follow us at @perfumecc and particularly our board Fragrance Organisation for pinspiration!

Cake Stand

This creative way of displaying perfume is almost good enough to eat (sorry). Cake stands are affordable, quaint and CUTE. Places like IKEA, Target and Kmart are fantastic places to look for kitschy and affordable cake stands. Otherwise, hit up homewares, cooking or even antique stores for those a little more eager for a grand vintage aesthetic.



Depending on how many bottles you have, opting for a tiered stand might be your best bet. It’s like an multi-storey open house for fragrance! What a dream. Once you’ve bought the stand, all you need to do is find space for it and load your fragrance onto it. Voila! Throw some table scatters or sparkles on there if you feel so inclined.


Spice Rack

This mode of storage is so functional and sensible it’s almost a no-brainer. Imagine a regular garden variety spice rack. Now imagine bottles of fragrance in place of the spices on said spice rack. That’s it. That’s all you have to do. It’s THAT SIMPLE and also spice racks aren’t exactly hard to come by. As with cake stands, look in homewares, cooking and antique stores. Howard’s Storage World probably have a slew to choose from and if all else fails, steal your mother’s.


Baroque Wall Frame

We saw this clever DIY project on Pinterest and it is too gorgeous not to talk about. This clever girl has gone and bought herself a baroque hanging wall from and purpose-built shelving into it to house her perfume in her bathroom. In doing so, she’s literally turned her fragrance into art.


Yes, this is a little more effort than buying a storage option that’s ready to go as soon as you bring it home. However, it’s different, innovative and really is the height of fragrance organisation luxury. If you’ve got the hanging space, the desire and the time, go for it. Again, antique stores are your best friend if you don’t want to shell out hundreds for an incredible old world picture frame. However, if you do, framing businesses and homewares stores are the way to go. A trip to Bunnings and a chat to David, Graham or Kenneth – whoever’s supervising the shelving section that day- will sort you out. Make sure you have an idea of measurements before you rock up, however.

There you have it! Make sure you visit, the best online destination to stock up on fragrance and populate your cake stands, spice racks and wall hangings!


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