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The House of Creed: A History Lesson

The House of Creed: A History Lesson

The House of Creed is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating perfume houses on the market. Founded in London all the way back in 1760 (!!!!!) it has remained managed by the same family over 6 generations.

Originally sold exclusively to Britain’s royal family and now trading all over the world, Creed, it could be argued, is the most exclusive and revered parfumerie ever to exist, and gives even Chanel, Dior and Givenchy a run for their money.

Part of Creed’s charm is their unwavering commitment to natural ingredients over synthetics. In their 255 years of trading (an achievement in itself), they have not included a single synthetic or manufactured component in any of their 72 fragrances.

Creed perfumes are as rich in composition as they are in history. One of their most celebrated scents for women, Fleurissimo, was famously commissioned for Grace Kelly’s wedding day in 1956, who then went on to declare that she was ‘quite taken with the fragrance’ and that it was to become her signature scent. Hardly surprising given her husband Prince Rainier of Monaco had the fragrance created in her honour. Queen Elizabeth the Second and Madonna also favour this floral scent, which is as floral as its name suggests, and is made up of bergamot, tuberose, bulgarian rose, violet, florentine iris and ambergris.


Master Perfumer Olivier Creed created his crowd favourite Spring Flower in honour of Audrey Hepburn. Nowadays, it remains popular among the likes of Lana Del Rey and Julia Roberts. Spring Flower is described as a fruity, floral fragrance, and it is- but it’s nothing like the sweet fragrances of today. The scent is full-bodied and timeless, and carries with it lasting grace and fortitude on the skin. Spring Flower is the floral fragrance for the woman empowered.


As well as their impressive fragrance repertoire for women, Creed scents for men have gained a cult following ever since Olivier Creed’s eponymously named fragrance hit the market. Since then, Tabarome Millesime has enjoyed great success amongst powerful men all over the world, including purportedly the Kennedy family and Winston Churchill. Tabarome Millesime is one of the world’s oldest scents for men and is steeped in the history of American politics.


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