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Our Top 5 Fragrance Picks For Autumn

Our Top 5 Fragrance Picks For Autumn

After 29 blistering days, February has come to a close. For Australians, this means the long-awaited conclusion of scorching heat and the onset of a manageable climate. Enter the season of the crunchy leaf: AUTUMN.


Whilst the nation isn’t exactly going to be wearing Chuck Bass scarves and sipping Pumpkin Spice Lattes like our friends in the northern hemisphere, we are ready and willing to embrace a cooler climate, no questions asked. 3 months of branding one’s skin with a seatbelt is 3 months too long.

Here are our top 5 picks that are bound to have you smelling amazing all season. Think smoky, woody, and full-bodied- a lot like your house after the fire gets going.

  1. 1. Narciso Rodriguez For Her

One spray of this and even an eskimo would feel compelled to rake the oak leaves off his verandah. Made up of orange blossom, pink chypre, amber, musk and woods, this scent is the ultimate woody, musky, smoky fragrance. Its super cute solid pink packaging isn’t hard to look at either.

 2. Ralph Lauren Romance EDP 

This scent is for the wearer who knows cooler weather is upon us, accepts that it’s something she cannot change, but doesn’t want much to do with it. Ralph Lauren Romance is summer’s answer to an autumn fragrance. Comprised primarily of light tangerine, freesia and patchouli, this scent will have you feeling like you can dance all night in your favourite summer dress without as much as a single goosebump.

 3. Jean Paul Gaultier Classique Intense EDP 

Move over, Jean Paul Gaultier Classique; your older sister is in town and she is INTENSE. Creamy, vanilla, smoky and floral, this complex fragrance is exactly what you’d wear if you wanted to subtly hint to those around you that you’d arrived and you’re fashionably late- a lot like autumn itself.


 4. Gucci Bamboo EDP

Gucci bamboo is what autumn would smell like in the Japanese hinterland- crisp, fresh, and warm. Comprised primarily of lilies, bergamot and and ylang ylang, this scent is overwhelmingly refreshing and perfect for any autumn occasion.

5. Givenchy Very Irresistable – L’Eau En Rose

This new Givenchy fragrance smells like a rose basking in late afternoon sun as it sets behind the clouds. Warm, deep and full-bodied thanks to its blackcurrant undertones and rose heart and top notes, this scent makes you want to step outside the office and smell the roses (sorry- it was right there).

Grab any or all of these fragrances and you’ll smell autumn- appropriate all season long!

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