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Lady Gaga’s new perfume is for ‘post-sex’

Lady Gaga’s new perfume is for ‘post-sex’

Ultra Pop Queen Lady Gaga has just released her latest fragrance Eau de Gaga, and it’s a little different than anything we’ve seen in a while. First of all it’s unisex. As a patron of the LGBTQ community, it’s not surprising Gaga supports the blurring of masculine and feminine boundaries. This is nothing new in the perfume world. What is a little different is the way Gaga suggests we use her perfume. Why? It’s meant for “post-sex”.


“It’s fresh, clean, ready for sex heave!,” Gaga wrote on Twitter. “I wanted to create something my female & male fans could enjoy. Couples: spray it on after a post sex shower yummy!(sic)”.

What do you think of the new scent? Would you buy it for you and your partner?


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