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Koala perfume… yay or nay?

Koala perfume… yay or nay?

When I think of the smell of NYC, I imagine sharp fragrances coming from powerful and confident men and women. Diane Pernet, Paris-based American-born international fashion blogger and critic, is aiming to change this association. Pernet revealed in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, that she is creating a perfume inspired by Koalas.




“I am so in love with koalas! I’ve always had a thing for them,” she told Women’s Wear Daily. “Growing up, I had a friend from Sydney, and we would all have toy koalas on the end of our pencils. Then, the last time I was in Perth, Australia, I said I’d only go if I could hold a koala because it’s been a dream since childhood. So I got to hold one called Sunshine, and I was so surprised by how heavy she was.”

Pernet also revealed that she hopes the scent will include an aroma of eucalyptus, although production is proving difficult.

“It’s far too strong, and it smells kind of like medication,” she said. “It’s a difficult material to work with, but I’m sure we’ll arrive at something good.”

Would you wear a fragrance inspired by koalas? So far we’re not convinced!

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