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How To Turn Your Fragrances Into Interior Decor

How To Turn Your Fragrances Into Interior Decor

Minimalist design is all the rage, so there’s no need to rush to the store to buy expensive decor that will only build dust.


Instead, why not use your beautiful fragrance bottles as interior decor pieces? Here’s a few ideas that could put your perfumes on display in the most elegant way.

On a desk or beauty table: Arrange your bottles around the edges of your make-up table or an unused desk. They complement existing candles on their own, or why not put three pink fragrances to work with one another.

Use a Spice Rack: Spice racks are generally cheaper and easier to find than a nice perfume stand. Seek one out in your nearest kitchen store.

Cake Stands: a simple and beautiful option. Place a clean cake stand on your bedside table and gather your fragrances to create a stunning piece.

Breakfast Tray: Food holders are really becoming handy in the perfume storing department. Breakfast trays are another fantastic option for fragrance storage. Why not add some lipsticks and candles to brighten it even further?

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