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How To Choose A Fragrance For Your Spring Wedding

How To Choose A Fragrance For Your Spring Wedding

While specific memories from your wedding day can fade as time goes on, the fragrance you wore on your special day will continue to bring back nostalgic memories of the best day of your life.


This being said, it’s important to pick a special fragrance, perhaps not one you usually wear every day, that will make the scent really mean something special.

So if you’re stepping out of the comfort zone of your signature scent, how do you know what fragrance to choose?

If you’re having a Garden Wedding:

Chloe Eau De Parfum is the ideal outdoor wedding scent. A classic, rose-based floral fragrance, it is luxurious and elegant, perfect for a wedding day. The scent is light, airy and seductive and suitable for day or evening wear.

If you’re having a Beach Wedding: 

Issey Miyake L’eau D’Issey has the crisp aquatic notes that will team perfectly with the ocean’s crashing waves.

If you’re getting married Outdoors in Nature:

Balenciaga Paris Eau De Parfum has the woody tones that you probably love if you’re having your wedding in a moist rainforest or deep in the woods.

For men, Bvlgari Man Eau De Toilette has the subtle woody oriental notes that will compliment an outdoor wedding of any kind.

If you’re having a Casual Wedding:

Engagement party/actual secret wedding on the cards? You’re probably not too stressed about the details, including which fragrance you’re wearing, and Marc Jacobs Daisy is as fun as a fragrance can get. You’ll definitely smell good as you dance the night away.

If you’re getting married in a Church:

Valentino Valentina Eau De Parfum is softly floral, with musk undertones, ideal for a beautiful church wedding. Picture a high ceiling with wooden beams and throwing your bouquet in the sunshine outside, with a wisp of musk scent amongst the flowers.

The perfect fragrances, If you and your partner want to match:

Vera Wang Eau De Parfum is a modern and fresh floral fragrance for women with a dominant scent of white flowers, and is wonderfully matched to Vera Wang for Men.

Vera Wang for Men is a seductive fragrance for men especially created for men who are to get married. It is a perfect match for Vera Wang for women, Vera Wang’s first fragrance.

Perfume Clearance Centre is an Australian based online store, specialising in the distribution of quality fragrances at great prices.  

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