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5 Tips For Layering Fragrances

5 Tips For Layering Fragrances

Layering perfumes is all the rage right now, but be aware, it’s a little more complicated than spraying every single fragrance you own on top of one another.


Here’s how to do it right:

  1. Make sure your fragrances are in the same family: Are your fragrances woody? Floral? Oriental? Make sure that whatever family they’re in, it’s the same one to prevent clashes.
  2. Start with the heavy scents: While you should always keep the spritzes light when layering, make sure you dust the most poignant fragrance first.
  3. Shower Gel, Deodorants, Make-Up Counts: If you have a coconut scented shower gel or a powdery smelling deodorant, you’ve been layering for longer than you thought! Make sure if you’re other products have strong scents, that your perfumes match.
  4. Apply scent in different places: While our pulse points are often the most commonly recommended places to spray, try spritzing scents in places like the top of your hands, your legs and even your hair to keep the scents lingering.
  5. Wait: Scents take awhile to find their true scent on the skin, so don’t be too alarmed if your fragrance cocktail doesn’t work out exactly as you envisioned it to smell. In an hour, it could be exuding a very exciting scent- invented by you!

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