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5 Game-Changing Nail Hacks

Paying for a manicure is money down the drain, and why bother, when with OPI and these nail tips, you can have a salon quality mani every time.

1.Dry your nails with ice-cold water. 

That’s right, leave them for 2-3 minutes and then dunk them in icey water to stop chipping and smudging later on.

2. Apply Vaseline around your cuticles to prevent messy mistakes.

Slap some Vaseline around your nails and let the artist in you run free. There won’t be a mistake in sight and you’ll have very soft cuticles!

3. Use a bandaid for the perfect french tips!

Place a bandaid on the nail where you want to start your painting and voila. The perfect French tip.

4. Lick a smudge to fix it

Your saliva reacts to the nail polish and smoothens over any smudges that might occur. Lick but don’t eat!

5. Don’t sit near a fan

Holding your nails against a fan might make them dry quickly but it can also create bubbles! Wait patiently in the sun.

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